Mobility Catalogue.
The unified vision of mobility.

Urban Planning and Smart Sustainable Urban Mobility are very important in the holistic vision of regions and countries. Mobility plays a key role in the current society being as important as basic services.
From this, we drew the vision of building a Catalogue that would help cities, regions and countries to have a single, integrated vision for Urban Mobility.
In a single, central platform, cities can access their data, retrieve KPIs, monitor current operations and improve the decision-making process.

How can one improve
Urban Mobility?

By building a specific and custom fit roadmap
for your city with our technology.

Centralised Management
A data-driven approach.

360º control centre for mobility

The platform is capable of ingesting data and information from third-party systems or devices which are available in the region to generate relevant knowledge for all stakeholders.
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Strategic Pillars

The core of the Catalogue enables the services that every city needs to build its strategy. After the core, the city will be able to customize the MaaS services it needs. By choosing from the catalogue or by asking for a specific custom fit service. Look at the ones included and choose your view on MaaS.

How does it work?

Some roadmap examples

  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Public Transit
  • On-Demand Mobility

Sustainable Mobility.

Sustainable Mobility is one of the main problems cities face nowadays. The amount of people who own cars keeps on growing and pollution is one of the main issues.
The Mobility Catalogue helps cities overcoming this challenge by enabling X-Sharing, Multimodal routing, Park and Ride, On-demand, E-mobility, amongst others.

Public Transit.

Public Transit is one of the best ways of connecting a city. By bringing together citizens and communities people feel included and more connected than ever. Nevertheless, the lack of service or the lack of awareness of service can lead to misinformation or not using public transportation at all.
The Mobility Catalogue helps cities overcoming this challenge by enabling Multimodal routing, Park and Ride, GTFS, GTFS-RT integration (and conversion), amongst others. Additionally, the frontend and mobile apps can help people understand their options and better calculate the route they wish based on their preferences.

On-demand Mobility.

On-demand mobility is quickly becoming one of the cornerstones for Inclusive Mobility. This service is available in the Catalogue since we’ve been closely working with several communities and cities which intend to include the less populated areas to the city centres.
The Mobility Catalogue helps cities overcoming this challenge by implementing On-demand Mobility. This strategic pillar can even be bundled with the X-Sharing to allow for extra fleets to earn money by being shared on on-demand schemes.

One of our
success cases

Collaborating with Deutsche Bahn, Ubiwhere is using its mobility platform to understand how external conditions affect the way people move around,through the analysis of relevant datasets.

More success cases

We are already using our software to solve real urban mobility challenges in several places around the globe.

What you get

Mobility-as-a-Service should be on every city’s agenda. The main purpose of the Catalogue is to enable MaaS as a reality for the cities of today and tomorrow.
The Mobility Catalogue helps cities building their MaaS strategy by deploying the necessary technology at every step. From small cities to huge communities, MaaS is a reality that everyone needs to embrace.
Come and build your roadmap with us.
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