The platform acts as a data management middleware between city service providers and municipalities/citizens/developers.

With the platform, city service providers can optimise their operational efficiency leveraging the business intelligence reports and the efficient route planning service, while enhancing the transparency and openness, both for the municipality and the citizens.


  1. Monitoring individual spaces;
  2. Monitoring off-street areas;
  3. Infraction detection and reporting;
  4. Provision of the best route to available spaces;
  5. Multimodal payments;
  6. KPIs & Analytics about parking occupancy.


  1. Counting and classifying vehicles;
  2. Real-time vehicle positioning;
  3. Congestion and occurrence detection and reporting;
  4. Route planning optimised to different types of vehicle and road attributes;
  5. Provision of the best route avoiding traffic.


  1. Route planning optimised to different types of vehicle and road attributes;
  2. Multiple points route planning for logistics operations;
  3. Fleet management & car-sharing.

Environment & Community

  1. Environmental monitoring of pollution and noise;
  2. Eco-friendly routes - guiding you through less polluted roads;
  3. Alerting of noise and pollution peaks (email, push notification, SMS);
  4. Civic reporting (Open311/Open511);

Public Transportation

  1. Integrating and managing data of the public transit network;
  2. Multimodal route planning;
  3. Park-and-ride feature;
  4. KPIs & Analytics about number of passengers and their itineraries;
  5. Multimodal payments and digital wallet.

Open Data & Interoperability

  1. Seamless Open Data importation;
  2. Real-time publication and updating of open datasets;
  3. Open standards compliance for IoT (oneM2M, LwM2M, NGSI);
  4. Harmonised FIWARE data models;
  5. Seamless integration with existing information systems.

Transportation Challenge by Data Pitch

Collaborating with Deutsche Bahn, Ubiwhere is using its mobility platform to understand how external conditions affect the way people move around,through the analysis of relevant datasets.

Solving operational challenges

Data provides us with better ways to answer questions that we may have regarding our industry, business and product.

More information

We are already using our software to solve real urban mobility challenges in several places around the globe.

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