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Mobility Catalogue.
The unified vision of mobility.

Mobility plays a key role in the current society being as important as basic services.
We drew the vision of building a Catalogue that would help cities, regions, countries or operators to have an integrated vision for Urban Mobility.
In a single and central platform, it’s possible to access data, retrieve KPIs, monitor current operations and improve the decision-making process.

Unlock Centralised Management with
a data-driven approach
on a 360º control centre for mobility

By building a specific and custom fit roadmap for your city with our technology.
Build your roadmap with us

Our platform

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Our unique bundles

Our bundles simplify your mobility ecosystem. Click each card to get to know them.

On-demand Transport


Cities opting into it get an on-demand service to citizens. This service focuses on optimising the size of the vehicle accordingly to the number of people that requested transport. Users are able to request any point in the city from a less crowded area and their ride will be shared with others interested on that path or, when needed, created for them.

Clean Mobility


Get ways to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Access gamified mobile apps and services which are custom-fit to the city’s ecosystem and reward users on their sustainable behaviour.

Public Transport


Get harmonised and centralised Public Transit data (bus, train, metro, scooters, etc) in a single hosted service. Get a branded frontend and mobile app that can help people understand their options and better calculate the route they wish based on their preferences.

Customised Bundle


Mobility-as-a-Service should be on every city’s agenda. The main purpose of the Catalogue is to enable MaaS as a reality for the cities of today and tomorrow. Even if you don’t see your bundle here, please tell us about your ecosystem and let’s have a chat on where we can help.

Our success cases

  • Porto and Sintra
  • Zagreb
  • Cologne
  • Deutsche Bahn

On-street and Off-street Parking

In Porto and Sintra, we have created a specific bundle for off-street and on-street parking, so the operators and municipalities can better manage Parking.

Multimodal Routing and Sustainable Mobility

We provided eco-friendly routes for cyclists and joggers, taking into account air quality observations in Zagreb. This was achieved with the multimodal routing bundle.

Multimodal Routing and Civic Reporting

In Cologne, a reporting app emerged as a way for citizens to report occurrences in the city ecosystem. The app integrated the existing cyclists' app by providing a reporting channel for the municipality.

Public Transport and Interoperability

Collaborating with Deutsche Bahn, Ubiwhere is using its mobility platform to understand how external conditions affect the way people move around, through the analysis of relevant datasets.